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2019 Residential Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance not only saves money, it save time and the stress of unexpected heating and air conditioning failures. 

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Changing old, worn parts before they fail help to keep everything running at optimum performance. The more efficient your system, the less you spend on energy bills.    ​ Preventative maintenance contract holders at JD Air also receive discounts on installations, upgrades and other work done during the year.

Alarm Clock


Air conditioning and heating failures demand our attention. We have to take time from other planned activities to care for them, making our schedule hectic. ​


If the problem happens in peak seasons, it can take days or weeks for a technician to repair the system. The time you spend without proper heat or air conditioning is uncomfortable, or even dangerous.


However, preventative maintenance can be planned around your schedule, thus saving time.

Stressed Man


An unusually hot or cold home or office, at the very least leads to lowered productivity and diminished morale. At times, the extreme temperatures resulting from a failed heating or air conditioning system cause dangerous conditions and require relocation. Whether a home or business, keeping the environment comfortable contributes to lower stress levels.

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