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about JD Air

Our proactive approach to Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) is what sets us apart from our competitors. Julian Desgraves had over 10 years of trade experience as a Service and Installation Technician when deciding to start his own business. His experience showed him the importance of constantly expanding his knowledge and skill as a technician as well as excellent customer service.


But it also showed that customers feel vulnerable when their HVAC equipment breaks down, totally disrupting their lives and interfering with things they value. Customers must take time off work or school, sacrifice time with their families, spend money earmarked for other uses and make big decisions quickly. Even if a property management company is hired to handle such matters, that only passes the chaotic responsibilities to different hands.


Julian realized that more was needed than a skilled technician to reverse this cycle. Proactivity gives the control back to the property owners and/or managers. People don't wait for their car engines to break, they get tune ups. They don't wait for health problems to start, they get physicals and dental cleanings and other preventive care.


Why not do the same for our HVAC equipment? At JD Air, our approach is based on preventive maintenance.  We know that most problems can be avoided if the system is maintenanced regularly because catastrophic failures don't usually just "happen". It is a process of parts losing efficiency and putting stress on other parts until the chain reaction causes the equipment's demise. 

JD Air's proactive, preventive maintenance is the foundation of our business because it is the best way to serve our customers. The resulting advance planning, scheduling and budgeting empower property owners and managers to make the best decisions for each unique circumstance. That's why JD Air can say:

We provide comfort. 

You regain control.

meet the owner

Entrepreneur, Technician, Family Man and Volunteer, Julian Desgraves fulfills many roles.  His natural aptitude for mechanical things set him on the path to HVAC quite early. 


While learning the trade, Julian also took advantage of leadership training and learned effective presentation methods including the art of public speaking, which are valuable skills for any entrepreneur. 


Throughout his life, Julian has recognized the impact each one of us can make, so he and his wife make time regularly to volunteer in the community. 


Julian founded JD Air to provide HVAC services along with information and resources that will empower you to make your home or property as safe and comfortable as possible. 


Julian Desgraves

Owner of JD Air, LLC

Master HVAC Technician


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