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Exclusive HVAC Information for:
Bryson at Woodland Park

HVAC Life Savor plan

SAVE and SAVOR the life span of your HVAC equipment 

What is the HVAC Life Savor Plan?

The HVAC Life Savor Plan starts with a heating or cooling system installation. Your new system includes the manufacturers warranty + up to 10 years of comprehensive, proactive care.  This proactive care for the full life cycle of the equipment will:

  • Eliminate repairs bills on warranty parts

  • Lost refrigerant replaced at no charge

  • Save you money on energy bills

  • Give back control of your time

  • Help you avoid stress with reduced breakdowns


Why should I consider system replacement and joining the HVAC Life Savor Plan?

  • The original equipment in the condos at The Bryson is 16-17 years old & past it’s expected life span

  • The refrigerant (Freon/R-22) the original systems use is no longer being produced & prices are skyrocketing

  • Your old equipment is likely increasing your energy bills 

  • Your old equipment is prone to water and refrigerant leaks

  • After joining the plan, you will have access to exclusive offers for future maintenance

  • Not only will your equipment be warrantied, so will the labor, for at least three years.*

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Testimonials From Bryson condo owners


The technician's were kind and explained what they were doing. They answered all of my questions.

-Jessica G.


Great!! The technician was very helpful. He was very clean...wore a mask, put shoe protectors on and even vacuumed up after his work.

I will definitely be recommending JD Air!!

-Stephanie V.


Very good.  The technicians are professional, friendly, and do a good job.

-Jeremy B.


JD Air has been in my unit several times over the years - always good service.

-Gordon L.

What qualifies as a system installation?

The HVAC systems at The Bryson condos consists of the following: 


Air conditioning: The condensing unit (outside) and air handler (inside) to provide cool air. 

Heating: Hydronic heating uses the water heater and an air handler to provide warm air. 

A system installation that qualifies for the HVAC Life Savor Plan is a full air conditioning, heating system replacement or a replacement of both systems. 


Air Conditioning Condenser

Air Handler

Water Heater/Heat Source

HVAC Life Savor plan

If you are looking only to replace one component, such as the water heater,

please contact us or see additional information that can be found here

Bryson At Woodland Park 
Preventative maintenance program

Are you looking to have the complete preventative maintenance program completed at your condo?

Whether it's your home or investment property, all living spaces need maintenance on their heating and air conditioning systems.  Unit owners at The Bryson at Woodland Park have specific requirements to ensure the proper function and safety of your equipment.


To keep you and your tenants comfy, JD Air offers annual Standard and Premium Maintenance packages, as well as add-on options to make sure the maintenance plan is tailored just for you. Both packages satisfy the community HVAC requirement. 

PM Package Comparison-5.png

*HVAC Life Savor Plan Terms and Conditions:


The HVAC Life Savor Plan requires an installation of a new full heating system or full cooling system, purchase of at least a 3 year labor warranty and Life Savor maintenance for as long as the labor warranty is active. Qualifying equipment for full heating and/or cooling system installations include: air handler & condenser, air handler & water heater with hydronic coil connection, air handler plus condenser & water heater with hydronic connection.Labor warranty options of 3, 5 or 10 years may be selected. Life Savor Maintenance must be  performed yearly on any applicable heating or cooling system(s) to maintain membership in the plan. For heat pumps, Life Savor Maintenance must be performed once a year in heating mode and once a year in cooling mode to maintain membership in the plan. Air filters must be changed according to the specification of the filter to maintain membership in the plan. Evaporator, Condenser, and Hydronic Heating Coil Cleanings and refrigerant included in a Life Savor Maintenance package will be performed and/or replaced as needed.  Benefits of the HVAC Life Savor Plan are: replacement parts and labor provided at no extra cost for any system component under warranty; R-410A refrigerant replacement at no additional cost.


HVAC system upgrades, modifications and repairs must be approved by JD Air prior to service to maintain membership in the HVAC Life Savor Plan. In the event that the equipment manufacturer or the company issuing the labor warranty goes out of business or does not approve the claim for a component or its labor, the customer is responsible for payment. Please be advised, payment for any approved parts and/or services rendered is the sole responsibility of the customer. Full payment is due when services are rendered. A $25 fee will be added to any check that is returned unpaid.


All necessary equipment and areas should be accessible for any service, installation and/or maintenance appointment. If a technician moves furniture, appliances or other items, he or she will take care in doing so. However, neither the technician nor any JD Air staff will be held responsible for floors, walls, or other items damaged while moving items which block access to equipment relevant to the service, installation and/or maintenance appointment. Drywall and flooring or other property may need to be cut, punctured, or removed to access and complete aspects of a service, installation and/or maintenance appointment or project. JD Air will not be responsible for the repair of property that is damaged to fulfill a normal and/or necessary aspect of an approved service, installation and/or maintenance appointment or project. JD Air may at times be able to refer a company specializing in the applicable work. JD Air will not be held responsible for the work of a company referred by its owner or any staff.


If JD Air is scheduled for a service and is not granted access to equipment, a $50  no access fee will be charged. A Same Day Cancellation fee of $50 will be charged for any appointment that is cancelled the same day as the scheduled service. 


JD Air only uses company sourced parts and equipment.  Customer provided parts and equipment will not be used. JD Air reserves the right to change pricing, promotions, or service offerings at any time. A 50% deposit is due upon acceptance in order to schedule work on projects over $1000.  Payment may be made by check or credit card. 

These Terms and Conditions will be updated at the discretion of JD Air.


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