Exclusive Maintenance Packages for:

Bryson at Woodland Park

2021 HVAC and dryer vent Maintenance Packages

Whether it's your home or investment property, all living spaces need maintenance on their heating and air conditioning systems.  Unit owners at The Bryson at Woodland Park have specific requirements to ensure the proper function and safety of your equipment.


To keep you and your tenants comfy, JD Air offers annual Standard and Premium Maintenance packages, as well as add-on options to make sure the maintenance plan is tailored just for you. Both packages satisfy the community HVAC requirement. 

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Equipment replacement

Is it time to replace the water heater or HVAC equipment in your condo? If so, this is the year to get the PREMIUM package.

With the Premium Preventive Maintenance Package, you will receive a 20% discount on all installs and repairs. 

Water Heater Install
Bradford White 50 Gallon Water Heater
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  • Vitraglass® tank lining for maximum corrosion resistance

  • Hydrojet® Total Performance System for efficiency and reduced sediment build-up

  • Expansion tank included (required by VA code)

regular price starting at $4,128
Standard Package_ $200-2.png

Air Conditioning Installs

Bryant Sentry 1.5 Ton 14 SEER AC

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Bryant Sentry 2 Ton 16 SEER AC

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  • Microtube Technology™ refrigeration system


  • Puron® refrigerant

  • Scroll compressor

  • Internal pressure relief valve

  • Internal thermal overload

  • Filter drier


DuraGuard™ protection package:

  • Solid, durable sheet metal construction

  • Dense wire coil guard

regular price starting at $6,832

PM Package Comparison.png
Prices listed are based on JD Air preferred equipment. Customizations are available, but will change the cost of the replacement. Sample proposal may not be used as customer contract. Terms & Conditions apply. Prices subject to change. 

What are the benefits of a maintenance package?


Alarm Clock

Air conditioning and heating failures demand our attention. We have to take time from other planned activities to care for them, making our schedule hectic.

If the problem happens in peak seasons, it can take days or weeks for a technician to repair the system. The time you spend without proper heat or air conditioning is uncomfortable, or even dangerous. However, preventive maintenance can be planned around your schedule, thus saving time.


Credit Card

Changing old, worn parts before they fail help to keep everything running at optimum performance, which saves you money on major repairs. The more efficient your system, the less you spend on energy bills.   

Preventative maintenance packages at JD Air also include discounts on installations, upgrades and other work done during the year.


Stressed Man

An unusually hot or cold home or office, at the very least leads to lowered productivity and diminished morale.


At times, the extreme temperatures resulting from a failed heating or air conditioning system cause dangerous conditions and require relocation. Whether a home or business, keeping the environment comfortable contributes to lower stress levels.

Preventive Maintenance Package Terms and Conditions:

  • Maintenance can only be done on running units. If a unit is not functioning upon arrival, it will become a Diagnostic/Repair Service appointment.

  • Household items and furnishings must be moved to make HVAC equipment and other necessary items accessible before technician arrives. JD Air is not be responsible for any damage occurring while making applicable parts and/or equipment accessible.

  • Evaporator, Condenser, and Hydronic Heating Coil Cleanings and small parts replacement that are included in the PM-Premium package will be performed and/or replaced as needed. 

  • If equipment is located on a roof top or is not ladder (22’ or less) or hatch accessible, additional equipment charges will apply.

  • The contract year as well as any package benefits begin on the day of purchase and is active for 365 days. 

  • If the dryer vent cannot be accessed due to washer hose length or positioning, services will be offered to make accessible at an additional charge.

  • Reports provided after maintenance indicate the status of the system at the time of inspection. JD Air does not guarantee how long a part, piece of equipment or system will continue to function at the same status indicated in the report due to external factors out of the control of JD Air such as: normal wear and tear due to age of system, stability of electricity, indoor/outdoor environmental conditions, etc.

  • A ‘no-show” fee of $50 will be charged for any appointment that we are not able to address the necessary equipment.

  • Custom ad-ons can be added for an additional fee.

Equipment Replacement Terms and Conditions:

  • Prices listed are based on JD Air preferred equipment. Customizations are available, but will change the cost of the replacement. Sample proposal may not be used as customer contract. Terms & Conditions apply. Prices subject to change. 

* certain high end relays will be changed at an additional cost

** does not include specialty capacitors (excludes brand specific capacitors, any over 60 mfd and start capacitors


When work is completed you will receive a service report with an estimate for any further repairs or recommendations for your system. Repairs will be completed using only JD Air sourced materials.