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Simple Tips to Improve your HVAC System


Changing your air filters is one of the easiest and most critical aspects of maintenance in a central heating or air conditioning system.

Change them every 3 months as a rule and more often if you have pets, allergies, or other respiratory issues.

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Tips from a Master

Julian Desgraves- Owner of JD Air, LLC; HVAC Master Technician

How Important is Changing Air Filters?

You may know that your system has an air filter, but have you ever wondered if it actually matters whether you change them?  If so, how often should they be changed?

Although it is typically simple to change the filters in a home, it is vital and should not be neglected.  Brand new systems with 10 year warranties have been ruined in a year or less because of running with a dirty filter.

The reason is when an air filter is dirty, it not only blocks debris, dust and other materials, it also begins to stop air from passing through it.  Thereafter, the system's motor and other components must work harder to circulate air in the home.  After prolonged overexertion, parts being to burn and/or wear out.  Therefore, changing your home's air filters on time helps your system run more efficiently.

Air filters vary in quality.  The manufacturer will outline the time intervals a filter should be changed and what things will be filtered from the air. An industry standard for a general filter is every 3 months. Some with respiratory difficulties, pets, or allergies may choose to invest in a higher quality filter, change it more often or both.

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How Preventative Maintenance and Home Performance Contracts Save You Money

A proactive approach often saves more money than waiting until there's a problem.  Think of your vehicle.  Getting oil changes and tuneups at the prescribed intervals helps our engine and other vital parts run better and last longer.  

The same is true for preventative maintenance and Home Performance checks for your heating and air conditioning system. Instead of being an emergency response, replacing, maintaining and optimizing your heating and air conditioning system can be planned. Having the time to research your options, and plan ahead for the solution that best fits your needs saves money, possibly thousands of dollars. Planning is not, however, the only way these contracts save you money.

Preventative Maintenance Contracts

A Preventative Maintenance Contract includes at least two (2) maintenance checks per year (once for the heating season and again for the cooling season), checking the function of your system and its components.

Replacing worn and defective components during these checks lighten the strain on the entire system and keep it running optimally, which affects your energy usage. This can also lengthen the life of the unit, saving you money.    

Home Performance Contracts

Home Performance Contracts include at least two (2) performance checks per year.  Similar to an Energy Audit, their purpose is to measure how efficiently your heating and/or cooling system(s) are running throughout your home.  These checks are not limited to mechanical components, but rather consider the environment of the entire home.  


For example, the temperature of one room may be much higher or lower than the rest of the home. It may seem that the HVAC system needs adjusting when in actuality repairing poor door or window insulation would correct the temperature variance.  


A system with a higher efficiency rating may not improve performance alone. Think of a building as being inside of an envelope that you want sealed to keep the temperature and air quality controlled.  A Home Performance check reveals what is needed to make your home seal in the desired atmosphere, thus keeping you comfortable while using less energy, which would lower your utility bill.  Sometimes this involves adjustments to air flow, perimeter sealing, natural light control and as previously mentioned reinforced insulation.  

At times, a long term plan is advised when several significant improvements need to be made.  Such plans are included in a Home Performance Contract.  

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How Real Estate Professionals Benefit from HVAC Collaboration

Feeling like a residence is Home requires a significant level of comfort. Many factors contribute to the comfort of a Home but the HVAC system's function and efficiency rank high on the list.


JD Air knows that the reliability of an HVAC company is key in Real Estate since following a schedule is imperative.


We offer HVAC inspections for homes on the market. HVAC inspections prove necessary because home inspections may not be comprehensive enough to find all significant HVAC problems, leaving room for negative surprises and delays later.


We can help your clients eliminate nagging issues such as cold/hot sections of the home and inadequate air flow by doing a Home Performance check.

Security and Modernization-

Smart home technology boasts much more than thermostats and lower utility bills.  In addition to selling faster, homes with smart home security devices installed bring peace of mind and convenience to their occupants.


JD Air offers smart home packages from basic to premium which can be installed and ready for any new owners, all at a discounted rate for Real Estate Professionals.