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  • Reducing repair costs
  • Reducing energy costs*

SAVE later

  • Tax credits for energy efficient HVAC
  • HVAC rebates up to $700
  • Energy efficiency = greener home

save with tax credits and rebates

Many HVAC high-efficiency systems, like heat pumps, qualify for tax credits* & often also qualify for local rebates**.

Click here for more information on heat pump systems and how to take advantage of the rebates and tax credits. 

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energy-efficient heat pump hvac systems

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HVAC Install Information:

Stacked credits or rebates for which each customer may be eligible:

  • Energy Rebates**: up to $375 for split heat pump systems rated up to 18 SEERs. Up to $700 for split systems rated 18 SEERS and above; Some rebates* have a higher SEER rating requirement for mini-split systems (also known as ductless). Up to $375 for mini-split (ductless) systems rated 18 SEERs and above and up to $700 for split systems rated 20 SEERs and above.

  • Federal Tax Credits***: $300 for qualifying air source heat pumps rated 14 SEERs or above


For rebates* and tax credits**, JD Air will provide each customer with equipment information (Brand, Model and Serial Numbers) and an AHRI Certificate which confirms the energy rating for the system. Note: Hydronic heating systems do not qualify for rebates or tax credits unless an AHRI Certificate can be produced for the equipment matchup being installed and used.


JD Air only uses company sourced parts and equipment. Customer provided parts and equipment will not be used. A 50% deposit is due upon estimate/proposal acceptance in order to schedule work. .


JD Air will provide the following equipment information: Brand, Model and Serial Numbers, so that rebate applications may be processed and/or the appropriate tax forms may be completed, however the accurate and timely submission of any rebate applications or forms for tax credits is the sole responsibility of the customer. If JD Air is awarded a rebate on behalf of the customer, issuance of rebates may take up to 60 days. Any processing fee imposed by the processing organization for the rebate will be removed from the rebate before payment to customer.

JD Air does not guarantee payout of any federal, state or local rebates or tax credits. At times these programs operate on a first come, first serve basis, and may not be available to all customers even if the installation meets the efficiency standards. Verification that the equipment will qualify for available rebates is the responsibility of the customer. Correct and timely submission of any application and/or verification to receive rebates or tax credits are not the responsibility of JD Air. 

*Reduced energy costs: An energy-efficient HVAC unit can result in reduced cost, however, the cost will also depend on usage and area utility prices. 

**Rebates: For rebate information, DC residents should visit DC Sustainable Energy Utility ( to apply for rebates up to $700.  PEPCO customers may qualify to receive up to a $300 rebate from the manufacturer to JD Air, which we would pass on to you.  The customer must provide proof of PEPCO account to qualify.


Rebates are not limited to the ones mentioned here. Ask your energy provider if they participate in a rebate program for heat pump equipment. Energy Star has a rebate finder on their website. ( JD Air has provided resources regarding rebates as a courtesy and is not responsible for finding applicable rebates for which a customer may be eligible. JD Air is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided on websites not operated by JD Air.

***Tax Credits: For information on the $300 tax credit, please see your tax professional. There is information on the EnergyStar website ( which discusses eligibility and how the program works. JD Air has provided resources regarding tax credits as a courtesy and is not responsible for finding applicable tax credits for which a customer may be eligible. JD Air is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided on websites not operated by JD Air.

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