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JD Air now serves North Carolina

Offering whole home Air Purification systems

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Who Are We

Who We Are

JD Air was established in the Metropolitan Washington, DC area in 2013, and is dedicated to the installation and proactive care of Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning equipment in order to reduce stress as well as save you time & money so you can focus on other important things. We are happy to now offer whole home air purification services in North Carolina!


Although Indoor Air Quality has been considered more than ever since the start of the pandemic, a focus on ventilation and clean indoor air has always been important since it is often much more contaminated than outdoor air (5x more contaminated). JD Air installs whole building air purification systems that integrate with your existing HVAC system and will inactivate airborne microorganisms in the air and on surfaces. 


These Air Purification Systems Are Different

The systems we install use safe technology to proactively seek out, inactivate and remove live and inanimate particulates from the air in all conditioned spaces. 

  • It's not a filter.

  • The system doesn't take up space on the floor or sit on a table.

  • The primary technology is not UV lights.

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JD Air's proactive approach empowers our customers to take control of their indoor air quality and comfort instead of waiting until there's a problem. 

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