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Adding a Layer of Protection to Our Businesses (Protecting Businesses During a Pandemic)

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

As States start to reopen, with uneasiness in the air and the coronavirus still at large, what practical steps can local businesses take to increase protection? We have heard it said many times that disinfecting/sanitizing hands as well as social distancing are invaluable practices that need established. However, this article will discuss 2 further areas to give attention to in the fight against coronavirus that will add another layer of protection for businesses.

#1-Reconsider Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Whether planning for life in the workplace, a business must start by taking an accurate stock of the PPE that is currently needed. While some may have stock piled supplies in the early days, likely supplies have been depleted since then and may require reconsideration as we move forward. Start by making a plan by answering these questions: What PPE do I need to have on hand and at what quantity? What is the backup plan if supply is depleted from local suppliers? At what point should I replenish my stock? PPE can add protection in the fight against coronavirus, but like any equipment, it is only effective if used correctly. Are my employees trained on the proper use and discernment of any PPE? We should reassess our routines or established systems to determine this. For example, when does my employee need to change gloves to avoid cross-contamination? (ie. Do my employees have a system where they do not touch money or credit cards from customers with the same pair of gloves that they handle food containers?) Some new procedures may need to be established to minimize risk. Would a new procedure for entering the workplace be appropriate? Perhaps establishing a set place to put down any items or outerwear, wash hands, sanitize items being brought into the clean space would be a good idea. #2- Consider Air Quality in the Workplace Evidence has shown that the coronavirus is mainly transmitted through respiratory droplets and contact with contaminated objects and surfaces. While PPE can defend against these contaminants, there is a tool that can help put us on the offense: Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide Air Purification Systems. These purification systems send out hydrogen peroxide plasma with a positive or negative charge (Some systems such as the RGF HALO-LED sends out both, known as bi-polar ionization). That charge makes the plasma like a magnet, and it attaches itself to various particles and microorganisms in the air and on surfaces. According to the CDC, hydrogen peroxide is safe and effective in killing harmful microorganisms like viruses, fungi and bacteria. As the plasma is drawn to various particles, the particles become heavier and easier to be drawn into your duct. The now bigger sized particles groupings are easier for your air filter to trap. As a final precaution, theres a UV light (or LED in the case of the RGF HALO-LED system) in the main duct that kills any remaining microorganisms. JD Air recommends this type of air purification because it is a complete solution. Whether in the air or on a surface, a microorganism or other type of particle (like pet dander), this type of system will provide layers of protection while you go about your daily activities.

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