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Does it Pay to Pay For a Coil Cleaning?

We live in the age of DIY. You can find a DIY article for pretty much about anything these days. However, cleaning the inside coils of your AC unit is a job better left for the professionals. Why is that? The coils can easily be damaged by using the wrong kind of cleaner or the wrong technique. But, why pay to have your coils cleaned? Is it really that important?

Your air conditioner functions by removing the heat from your home. It does this with the help of two coils. One coil is located inside the home (the evaporator coil) and absorbs the heat which is then transferred to the coil outside your home (the condenser coil) which disperses the hot air outside.

Over time these coils can become dirty thus making it harder for the transfer of heat to occur. That causes your unit to become less and less efficient meaning you will start seeing higher electricity bills. Other parts will have to work harder and may need to be repaired or replaced. The coils may eventually corrode, causing refrigerant leaks. If cleaning is put off too long, eventually the strain on your compressor will be too much and could lead to the whole unit needing to be replaced. A well-maintained unit can last from 12-15+ years, but poorly maintained units may run their course before they reach 10 years.

A tech from JD Air can help get those coils cleaned and your system running in tip-top shape

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