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JD Air is dedicated to the proactive care of HVAC equipment in order to save you time & money so you can focus on other important things. 


Serving the Washington DC area, we understand being without air conditioning in the summer or heat in the winter is stressful and could even be dangerous. Therefore, our primary service is preventive maintenance, allowing you & the homeowners and tenants you serve to reduce or avoid peak season repairs & breakdowns.  When unexpected issue do arise, our skilled technicians will provide options for a satisfying solution.


We invite you to discuss any HVAC needs and/or questions you have so that we can help you get ahead of the game. 


We provide comfort. 

You regain control.



JD Air (Julian) was great from the get go. My furnace is functioning better than ever. He took the time to explain why my furnace was making a loud noise. He notice there was vent in my dining room that wasn't connected to the furnace on the other side of the wall. He build a duct and connected the two. Everything else is history. I have had many people service my furnace, and not one of them noticed the vent in the wall(serving no purpose)allowing heat in the Winter, and cool air in the Summer to escape into thin air. Thank you Julian for bringing this to my attention. I am forever grateful.
VP, Maryland