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comfortable living room w/small inlet showing AC units out back
Get Complete Comfort With The Right HVAC Installation & Care

At JD Air, we prioritize providing efficient and practical solutions that respect your budget and your needs. Our approach ensures that you receive straightforward, expert advice, empowering you to make an informed decision regarding your investment.


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JD Air is leading the new era where quality, innovation and affordability meet to deliver comfort and performance for the entire life cycle of your system.

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Experience the future of home comfort with JD Air's HVAC installations. Our cutting-edge systems and precision installations ensure your home stays perfectly comfortable, energy-efficient, and reliable season after season. Let's redefine your living space.

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Leading with green at heart, JD Air champions sustainability in every HVAC solution. As proud members of the US Green Building Council - National Capital Region, our leadership is committed to developing eco-friendly practices and technologies that make a difference for our planet and your peace of mind. Build a more sustainable future with us.

Breathe easier with PuriGuard Fresh, our advanced indoor air quality solution. Without taking up precious space or requiring special maintenance, PuriGuard Fresh seamlessly integrates into your home, delivering pure, fresh air for you and your loved ones. Pure air, pure comfort.


Indoor Air Quality Solutions


Scott J., Maryland

Time after time I just get solid, professional technicians who are knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. It is so refreshing to have a company who has earned my trust with a family feel.

Erik A., DC

We hired [JD Air} to install a new AC system to replace an old one. Compared to other quotes, he spent considerable time listening to our needs and tailoring the quote accordingly…. Overall Julian is awesome and well worth your serious consideration. He’s trustworthy, competitive, and a small business owner from DC originally.

Diana N., DC

I have been a JD Air customer for many years and have great confidence it’s owner and technicians. The service was as expected - thorough. I appreciated Julian’s explanation and look forward to continued business with you.

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