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Tired of constant repairs, soaring energy bills, or uneven temperatures in your home?

It's time to experience the peace of mind that comes with a reliable, state-of-the-art HVAC system. Our solutions are crafted to address the discomforts and inefficiencies of outdated systems, ensuring your home is a haven of comfort and efficiency year-round.


All JD Air residential HVAC installations  come with

  • exclusive membership to JD Air proactive maintenance & service

  • 24/7 remote monitoring

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Discover the transformative impact of a new HVAC system on your comfort, health, and wallet. See key benefits of upgrading your home's heating and cooling system(s). 

Happy Family

Increased Comfort at Home

Enjoy the confidence of a system that operates smoothly when you need it most, backed by JD Air's expert maintenance and support.


Carrier Heat Pump (outside unit)

Heat Pumps

A heat pump system is an efficient HVAC technology that provides both heating and cooling for indoor spaces. Paired with an existing furnace, they offer a path to reducing fossil fuel dependency.


In summer, it operates by extracting heat from indoor air and expelling it outdoors, effectively cooling the interior.


During winter, the process reverses, allowing the system to absorb heat from the outdoor air—some down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit—and transfer it indoors to provide warmth.

Mini Split Style HVAC system with 3 air handlers for 3 zones


A mini-split HVAC system is a ductless heating and cooling system that consists of an outdoor compressor unit and one or more indoor air handling units.


It offers flexible and independent temperature control for individual rooms or zones, providing efficient and targeted cooling without the need for extensive ductwork.

(I like the idea of ductless systems but I think they're ugly)


Air Conditioning

A straight cool traditional air conditioning system is a central cooling system that uses a coil, compressor, and ductwork to cool and distribute air throughout a building.


It operates by removing heat from indoor air, transferring it to the outdoor coil, and then circulating cooled air back into the space via ducts.

Carrier Furnace

Gas Furnace 

A gas furnace is a heating system that often  uses natural gas or propane to produce heat. It burns fuel to create warmth, which is then distributed through ducts and vents to heat indoor spaces efficiently.

Furnaces can also be paired with heat pumps for a more efficient dual fuel system. When it's very cold outside, instead of entering energy-intensive emergency heat mode, a heat pump can switch to furnace mode.

HVAC Systems


  •  24/7 remote HVAC system monitoring 

  • 2 maintenance inspections yearly

    • Annual in-person inspection 

    • 1 remote maintenance inspection

  • 20% off repairs

  • 10% off system installs

  • Free diagnostic visits

    • A $105 value

  • Free small-part replacement

    • Includes filters, capacitors, contactors and more

  • Priority scheduling

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with 247 monitoring.png

The revolutionary Life Savor Plan with 24/7 remote system monitoring is included* with each system installation. With exclusive membership, look forward to long-term advantages such as:

  • balanced heating & cooling throughout your space

  • fewer costly repairs 

  • reduced system downtime

  • peak operational efficiency

  • longer equipment lifespan

*The monitoring equipment and one year of the Life Savor Plan is included with all system installations. 


AC condenser unit that is old and rusty

You may want to consider replacing your HVAC system if 1 or more of the following are true:

  • Your AC or Heat Pump is over 10 years old

  • You have repairs (other than seasonal maintenance) that are more than 1/3 the cost of the unit

  • Your energy bill is higher than you would like (HVAC is usually the top energy consumer in a residential or commercial space)

  • You are not comfortable in certain areas of the conditioned space

  • Your system is too noisy

  • You would like to reduce your carbon footprint

  • How long will it take to install the PuriGuard Fresh system?
    Installation of the full PuriGuard Fresh system will take up to 6 hours.
  • How is the PuriGuard Fresh System different from a traditional air purifier?
    The PuriGuard Fresh system is a comprehensive indoor air quality solution and offers several key differences compared to traditional air purifiers. Unlike standalone devices that take up floor or counter space, the PuriGuard Fresh system integrates into your HVAC system. This means you don't lose that valuable space in your rooms. The system utilizes safe hydro peroxide plasma (in the concentration found in outdoor air) distributed through the ducts, providing comprehensive purification in all conditioned spaces. Additionally, the PuriGuard Fresh system not only ensures the presence of fresh air but also mitigates the pollutants that may enter with it. It proactively seeks out and neutralizing airborne pollutants, viruses, and bacteria as well as prevents them from circulating in all conditioned areas. Integrating PuriGuard Fresh with your HVAC system also allows your HVAC system to run frequently without energy spikes, leading to optimized comfort and purification.
  • Will I need to maintain the PuriGuard Fresh System?
    To ensure optimal performance, some maintenance is required for the PuriGuard Fresh system. As a property manager or owner, the most important maintenance would be to regularly change the HVAC air filters. Professionally cleaning the ionization unit and other components is recommended during the seasonal HVAC maintenance. JD Air maintenance packages include PuriGuard Fresh maintenance. Click here to learn more about the HVAC Maintenance Plans. The ionization unit's cell must be replaced every 4.5 - 7 years.
  • Can the PuriGuard Fresh system help reduce allergies and asthma symptoms?
    While the PuriGuard Fresh system cannot treat medical conditions such as allergies and asthma, it has been shown to effectively reduce triggers that often contribute to symptoms. By actively neutralizing and removing airborne allergens and irritants from the air, including pollen, mold spores, and pet dander, it helps create a cleaner and healthier indoor environment. This reduction in triggers promotes better indoor air quality throughout the conditioned living or workspace.
  • Will the PuriGuard Fresh system remove odors from my home?
    Absolutely! The PuriGuard Fresh system effectively targets and eliminates a wide range of odors, including those caused by cooking, pets (dogs, kitty litter, etc), and other household sources. You can enjoy a fresher and more pleasant living environment.
  • What HVAC systems are compatible with the PuriGuard Fresh system?
    The PuriGuard Fresh system is designed to integrate seamlessly with forced air HVAC systems. It is compatible with a wide range of residential and commercial HVAC systems, making it suitable for various applications and installations. The system is not compatible with ductless/mini-split heat pump HVAC systems or window units. Please contact us for other solutions for these types of systems. If you are looking to replace your current HVAC system, click here for more information and to receive an instant estimate to your email in minutes!
  • Can I install the PuriGuard Fresh system myself, or do I need professional installation?
    The PuriGuard Fresh system is a comprehensive indoor air quality solution exclusively offered by JD Air. Only a qualified JD Air HVAC technician will install the PuriGuard Fresh system in your home ensuring that it will perform effectively and not invalidate any of the related manufacturer’s warranty for related equipment and components. If you would like a free proposal for the PuriGuard Fresh System that includes installation, scroll up and fill out the form.
  • Does the PuriGuard Fresh system help with the wildfire smoke?
    Yes! The PuriGuard Fresh system is designed in a way that helps mitigate the impact of wildfire smoke. Smoke, such as a result of wildfires, is made up of a complex mixture of gases and fine particles produced when wood and other organic materials burn. The microscopic particles of smoke can cause health problems, The advanced technology used by PuriGuard Fresh helps capture and neutralize harmful particles, including smoke particles and gases, promoting cleaner and healthier indoor air during such events.
  • How can I improve energy efficiency and reduce utility bills with a new HVAC system?
    Opt for an energy-efficient system with a high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating. Ensure your home is well-insulated, seal any air leaks, and consider a programmable thermostat to control heating and cooling cycles. JD Air will build a custom proposal for an energy-efficient heating system just for you. Contact us for a free in-person visit for an estimate.
  • How can I get in touch with you to schedule an appointment or request a quote?
    Getting in touch with us is easy. You can schedule an appointment or request a free estimate visit by contacting us. Our friendly team is ready to assist you, answer your questions, and provide the information you need to make an informed decision about your AC installation. 202-780-6247 - Voice and text To get receive an instant estimate in minutes, click here!
  • Do you provide maintenance and repair services?
    When you get an HVAC install with JD Air, you will be signed up with the Life Savor Plan with 24/7 monitoring. This is to ensure life cycle care for your HVAC system to keep it running at peak performance for years to come. The Life Savor Plan includes one yearly in-person visit to inspect the system, 24/7 remote monitoring, free service calls, and discounts on repairs and other installations. The plan will need to be renewed yearly.
  • How much does AC and/or heating installation cost?
    Our proposals are specifically customized for your property; we will provide a breakdown of the equipment and services involved in your HVAC installation project to assist you with your decision. Contact us for a personalized quote based on your specific requirements. For a general idea of the cost, you can get an instant estimate based on the size of your home.
  • Can you help me determine the right AC and/or heating system for my specific needs?
    Absolutely! Our experienced team will assess your unique requirements, including the size of your space, cooling preferences, and budget, to provide personalized recommendations. We’ll guide you in choosing the perfect HVAC system for your specific needs.
  • Should I keep repairing my HVAC system or get it replaced?
    A general rule of thumb: if your unit has reached 75% of its life expectancy and requires a repair equivalent to more than one-third of the total cost of the unit, in most cases it is better to replace it. Read more about this on our blog.
  • Are you licensed and insured?
    Yes, JD Air is a fully licensed and insured HVAC company in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. You can have peace of mind knowing that we adhere to industry standards, and regulations, and deliver exceptional service and quality workmanship.
  • Which is better: a portable AC unit or a ductless mini-split AC?
    A ductless mini-split AC is a better choice than a portable AC for several reasons. Mini-split ACs are more efficient at cooling, distribute cool air effectively, and provide consistent temperatures throughout the room. They offer greater installation flexibility, operate more quietly, and have higher energy efficiency ratings. Additionally, mini-split ACs are aesthetically pleasing as they require minimal installation and can be discreetly concealed, while portable AC units can be bulky and obstructive. Overall, ductless mini-split ACs offer superior cooling performance, versatility, energy efficiency, and aesthetics compared to portable AC units.
  • Are there any rebates, tax incentives, or financing options available for HVAC replacement?
    We understand that HVAC installations can be a significant investment. That’s why we offer flexible payment options to make your heating installation more affordable and convenient. As far as tax rebates, yes, there are federal and state tax rebates for certain HVAC systems. See more about this on our blog. Check out more details about the federal program on the IRS site.
  • Why does my AC breaker keep tripping?
    If your AC breaker keeps tripping, it could be due to various factors, and one potential cause is a faulty compressor. The compressor is a crucial component of the AC system responsible for compressing the refrigerant, enabling efficient cooling. However, an aging or malfunctioning compressor may draw excessive current, leading to repeated breaker tripping as a safety precaution. In such cases, replacing the AC system becomes necessary to address the underlying issue and restore proper functionality. A new AC system with a reliable compressor can ensure efficient cooling, prevent further electrical disruptions, and provide a more reliable and comfortable indoor environment.
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