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About JD Air

Our journey began with a simple, yet profound realization by our founder, Julian Desgraves. With over a decade of experience as a Service and Installation Technician, Julian witnessed firsthand the disruption and discomfort caused by HVAC system failures. When founding JD Air, this insight fueled our mission to not just repair, but to reinvent the way we care for HVAC systems.

Changing the Narrative on HVAC Care

Understanding that the distress caused by malfunctioning HVAC systems stretches beyond the immediate discomfort, Julian saw an opportunity to change the narrative. His vision was clear: to empower property owners and managers, ensuring that their HVAC systems are not just fixed, but nurtured from the start. This is where JD Air stands apart. We don’t just repair; we install, maintain, and ensure the longevity of your HVAC systems.

A Two-Fold Approach to HVAC Excellence

Our approach is two-fold: First, we specialize in meticulous system installations, laying the groundwork for a reliable and efficient HVAC lifecycle. Second, we offer our exclusive Life Savor Plan. This initiative begins from the moment of installation, encompassing ongoing, proactive care, and extends to include remote HVAC monitoring as a standard service. We believe in being present at every stage of your HVAC system’s life, ensuring optimal performance and preempting potential issues before they arise.

Boutique Care for Every Member

This approach has led us to adopt a boutique, membership-only model, ensuring that our dedication and resources are intensely focused on the proactive care of each system we embrace.


The Proactive Pledge

Just as personal health thrives on regular check-ups and preventive measures, we believe in a similar proactive approach for HVAC systems. Our preventive maintenance is more than a service; it’s a pledge to your continuous comfort and the longevity of your system. By choosing to serve our exclusive group of members, we ensure that each HVAC system under our care receives the meticulous attention it deserves. This targeted focus allows us to closely monitor, maintain, and preemptively address the nuances of each system, averting the cascade of wear and tear that often culminates in unexpected and expensive breakdowns.


At JD Air, we deliver a promise of enduring reliability and control. Our proactive, preventive maintenance forms the bedrock of our beliefs, empowering you with the foresight and planning needed to make the best decisions for your property. Our story is not just about fixing HVAC systems; it’s about building lasting relationships and providing a service that stands the test of time.

Welcome to JD Air, where your HVAC’s life cycle is our priority, and your peace of mind, our mission.

We Provide Comfort. 
You Regain Control.


Meet the Owner of JD Air

Entrepreneur, Technician, Family Man and Volunteer, Julian Desgraves fulfills many roles.  His natural aptitude for mechanical things set him on the path to HVAC quite early. 


While learning the trade, Julian also took advantage of leadership training and learned effective presentation methods including the art of public speaking, which are valuable skills for any entrepreneur. 


Throughout his life, Julian has recognized the impact each one of us can make, so he and his wife make time regularly to volunteer in the community. 


Julian founded JD Air to provide HVAC services along with information and resources that will empower you to make your home or property as safe and comfortable as possible. 

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Julian Desgraves

Owner of JD Air, LLC

Master HVAC Technician


We will be in touch shortly.

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